Dear God,

My Father and My God…Thank You.

I have never laughed so hard in my life. You really are awesome. You grant all wishes no matter how insignificant they may appear. I was so happy, so excited. We didn’t even bother about the attention we drew in public as we danced our choir tango right there in the streets of Lagos.

Yes Lord, I saw her again. I saw “Josy of true faith” again. Please tell me You remember “Koobra” my former Benin Rich boy and boss? Then tell me you remember that praying fountain, that kindest, truest specimen of Christian faith he married?

Thank You for bringing her my way again.

I somehow lost all the contacts Koobra and myself exchanged then and I couldn’t reach them. I so wanted to keep in touch.

And there she was, the day I was almost having a bad hair day.

She brought lightness and laughter back into my life that day. Oh Lord I laughed, I did.

My 1st posting was Uromi to teach in a catholic school, However, since I already had a pre-signed posting with PPMC in Benin then, I applied for a change. The change came with almost a pound of flesh, so imagine my dilemma when the same company rejected me few months later through some unprofessional hand dealings.

The NYSC secretariat gave me a mandate to get a posting within a week and that any more rejections, I will repeat the service year.

That was my desperation the day I met Josy of true faith.

Josy was the Randy old chief’s PA. She was the only one in this wide world that could do that job and stay alive.

I have talked a lot about that family so imagine being in a position where you are the one that keeps count of family spending and book appointments for official and unofficial rendezvous for a self-acclaimed Don.

That the queen of the coast…QoC did not kill Josy was what I called “Mira-Grace”…..Grace laced in miracles…

I worked directly under QoC so I know….oh I knew the plans she had for her.

Thinking about it now, I still stand amazed at your machinations……God will always provide a covering and counter coverings for His own.

I had been at the gate house for hours. They wouldn’t let me in. I didn’t know anybody in there, I was desperate. I had just been unfairly rejected at my workplace and I needed a place within a week. It was a Wednesday….I had 2 days or repeat service year.

I prayed silently, desperately. I asked for forgiveness. Did I leave uromi in disobedience? Did I change the plans God had for me?

Tears poured down. I was hungry, I was tired but I waited. God will bring someone, a help my way.

He did. Josy of true faith.

Business management classes have thought me the power of networking at the top. What they never recognize is the power of networking above the top. The only person I knew in that company that day was God. No one else. I simply told an old nondescript gate man my challenge, I found favour in his eyes and he handed me over to an equally nondescript lady, and in their language begged her to help me. Period.

Josy took me upstairs to the chief’s office and heard my story. She was quiet for a long time.

I could see her struggle with some decisions.

“Do you have a CV”, she asked?

I came prepared.

“Can you get a letter posting you here, that would be much easier?”

I shook my head. I already lost that chance. The mandate was that the company had to write to ask for me.

“Sit down” she said. “Write an application quickly and give it to me. I will see what I can do”

She helped me. I waited.

By 6pm that date, I was still waiting and starving. But I waited.

7.30pm, I became restless. It wasn’t hunger anymore…it was a bad feeling that I may be required to compromise. In all that time, I have watched girls flip in and out of that office wagging their tails. I didn’t need a prophet to tell me that the Don inside was randy.

My heart fell, I wouldn’t do it if asked and that means I am out. By this time a stone cold emotion came into my heart. It was part anger and part self righteousness.

I would stick with what I believe….if that meant another service year. So be it.

Just as I made up my mind to leave, Josy came in to the room and said the chief will see me now.

He did see me.

He smiled and winked his way throughout the conversation, I played dumb at the winks and focused on the answers to his questions.

Whether he was impressed or saw another thing to score, I had no way to judge but he asked me to resume work immediately. They had a big project somewhere in GRA, he wanted me to be part of the project team.

I got to that company by 10am in the morning….I walked out by 10pm with a job.

I had to wait for Josy to finish up. Our spirits had found each other and deeply connected and the friendship began that day.

A friendship that helped me waddle through an interesting part of my life and history and thought me Christ in its truest application.

Father, You sent Josy my way, a very plain, nondescript angel that will help me navigate the shores of Benin.

Josy may not have all the physical trappings we grade as beautiful, but I am yet to see and to meet a heart that is as true as hers.

Didn’t I ever thank You for that human angel?

Did I ever do enough for her?

Was I able to protect her as she protected me back then?

Can she truly count me in as a one true friend she had?

Am I worthy of the Trust and Confidence people place in me?

Sometimes I worry that my friendship with You is superficial – without depth.

Sometimes I worry that You may find my devotions and worship vain.

Sometimes I search for that heart connection, that touch-line confirmation of Your presence.

And sometimes I worry that I have made distractions and noise more impatient than Your Voice.

But many times I know that it has never been about me.

Our friendship, our connections, our Love has never been about what I bring to the table….It has always been about All You dropped on the Cross.

Thank You.

I have Josy’s permission to tell this story, so I will.

For now, this is Your daughter and I am checking in.

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