Dear God,

Vengeance is a meal best served stone cold. However, Justice is a meal best served sizzling hot.

I know Lord, Vengeance is Yours right?

Yeah, but Justice is mine…….remember You said I will judge even Angels… right?

Eh! I took the liberty immediately.

While Funmi talked, I felt a deep anger. Where I come from, “a dog does not eat the bone it has been given to protect”.

Oga Olu needed to be taught a lesson……why should he get away with such atrocity?

But what can I do? How?

The answer was lying right there before me on the ground….

Did You put it there Dad? Was that really a coincidence?

Why Thanks…….it came in handy.

It was an ID card of a “1-star General” Military doctor. It had the photo of the woman beside me. That’s the much I can say Lord, she maybe reading this….

But Thank You, that was all I needed.

Immediately I realized whom I was sitting next to, I churned up a storm of emotions.

Oh Lord, I could have won an Oscar!

Mind You Lord, I was once the president of the drama club in my school days, and I have done my share of acting and writing dramas……..(How come Nollywood never discovered me?)

My Adam does not call me “a drama queen” in vain.

I needed to put it to good use. The story was sad alright, but I have heard worse things in my life……however I had the right course and the right audience…..

My voice was tearful and almost a whisper, I spoke of “man’s inhumanity to man”, and how the assumed rich always get away with oppression.

I induced enough empathy and allegiance for little Tomisin…..talked about her future and her helpless mum.

I was good Lord, even me felt my deceit…..I knew I was on stage, and I had a purpose.

I honestly don’t know if the woman saw through “the act”, fell for it or she just wanted to help….but she did.

Lord, she did.

“Where is Oga Olu’s shop?” She asked.

Her voice was calm but infused with that kind of Authority that you can’t ignore.

Everywhere was calm immediately. I wasn’t the only one who noticed “the voice”.

One of the sales team pointed in the North direction…..

“Take me!” She said. It was an order.

I smiled.

The next thing we knew, 4 heavily geared soldiers appeared from nowhere and stood in a battle ready form in front of the shop.

The salute was in precision.

What da?…. where did they come from?

The woman must have summoned them while we were talking.

I felt an evil laugh bubble from within and held it back.

“I’m a bad girl, right?” Hmmmn.

I looked at the woman with a sad smile and she nodded. I had permission to follow….it was getting better.

Guess what Lord? I whisked Tomisin into my arms and headed out with the woman. I was out for war. Let me see him deny this…….!

Was what we were about to do even legal? What if they beat the man to death or shot him?

Have I overdone the drama?


We all trooped to Oga Olu’s shop.

Dad, I will need a full book to describe the man’s reaction. He was stupefied.

I wasn’t sure what he dreaded the most, the presence of the fearsome foursome soldiers or the topic of discussion.

Our 1-star General was brisk and straight to the point.

She introduced herself and told Oga Olu that she has been informed of his “abuse” of a mentally challenged minor. She read a simple riot act for him on what will happen to him for that act/charge alone.

“However,” she said, “For the benefit of doubt and to give you room to make amends, I will give you 1 month to think through the best strategy and right your wrongs. You will meet Iya Basira and work out the best mutually beneficial actions for her and her daughters. I will send back this team of soldiers in 4 weeks (4!….she showed with her right hand) and if this case is not resolved…….you will regret ever being born”

“Did I make myself very clear?” Her voice boomed dangerously.

Oga Olu nodded like a lizard, eyes popping. He was sweating profusely.

“Madam, she said to Oga Olu’s wife, “the only reason I won’t take your husband and lock him away forever right here, right now is so that you and the children don’t suffer from his foolishness…….but he won’t get a second chance in 4 weeks time…..”

“Are we good?”, she turned and said to Oga Olu.

Again he nodded, licking his dry lips.

She turned, and we all trooped out.

Simply delivered!. Ultra-Precision!

What a woman? What Authority? What wisdom?

It couldn’t have gone any better. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to achieve with my drama but this was beyond excellent.

You took over the cause of action right Lord?

You are The God of a “second chance”.

I probably had Jungle Justice in my mind…..but this? Its definitely You!

I have no doubt now that Monsu and Tomisin will get the Justice they deserve.

I have no doubt that Oga Olu will do the right thing. Oh he will!

I have no doubt that You really are “God Enough” for Iya Basira and Tomisin.

And I have no doubt that You are “God Enough” for me.

Thank You Sir!

This is Your daughter, Your drama queen, and I am checking in.

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