Dear God,

Why is this world shroud in so much mystery?

Why are You so Mysterious?

Would this world not have been better simple and easy?

How do You decide destinies?

Why do some start so well and others fight from birth to survive?

How do You choose who starts well and who doesn’t?

I’m here with the questions again right?


So I quietly went through my list as my customer packed the goods I bought. It still surprises me how quickly money is spent. I always have this feeling of been cheated when I compare the quantity of things bought to the amount spent.

That was when the little girl staggered into the space……

“Gala, gala…” was echoed from each shop as the very very pretty girl struggled with each step towards them holding tight to a young girl’s hand.

She had the cutest smile ever.

She was so beautiful…..her hair….full and very curly.

“Gala how are you?”, “She is walking….she is fast”, “Gala where is your mum?”…..came the queries and comments thrown at the tiny girl from different directions.

I stared at the little girl. Who is she? and where the heck is her mum?. She was barefooted in the wet market after the obnoxious persistent drizzle. She was barely a year….and trotting around the market barefoot?.

They walked straight into our shop, amid the hailing and laughter that heralded her.

I could tell that she was popular amongst the sellers and they were probably fond of her but there was a hint of mockery and jesting in their attitude that I couldn’t ignore.

She was followed closely by a 12years old girl.

“Aunty Funmi, can I keep her here? I wan go carry market…the little girl said after the greeting.

“Where?”….replied Funmi.

“Akpangbo…..my sister don call”, she answered.

“Oya go…..quick quick ooo. We get plenty customers today.

Funmi picked up the little girl…..made her sit in a corner with a strict warning not to move or disturb her.

She wasn’t mean to her but she also wasn’t about to tolerate nonsense from her.

“Give her “gala” naa, she won’t disturb”, Funmi’s neighbor jested.

“Nooo, abeg, the one her mother ate is enough”, Funmi replied amidst the laughter that followed.

“What was this about?

“Is her name really “gala”?, I asked my customer directly. Why would anyone name such a pretty girl gala?

Her sales girls bust out in giggles but she gave them a serious look and they each faced their businesses still hiding mischievous giggles.

“Dont mind the gossips Aunty, her name is

Oluwatomisin”, she replied.

“What does it mean?”, I asked. I always make it a point to find out the meaning of people’s name. It amazes me how strongly we express our beliefs and Faith in our names.

“It means God is enough for me”…she replied……….waoh.

“So why do they call her that ridiculous name?, I asked almost annoyed. She has such a beautiful name.

One of the girls giggled again and got a very sharp look from her madam.

“It’s a circumstance of birth” she said lowering her voice.

I stared steadily at her, quietly demanding an explanation. I could see she was a bit uncomfortable but we are good paying customers and pleasing us was part of the unspoken equation. We wanted to know.

Yes “we” Lord, some other customers there were interested too.

So Funmi launched into a strange story of an “accident of birth”

So I ask…..Lord…..was it really an accident?

Or did You see it coming?

Could that have been prevented?

Or did You destine that Oluwatomisin will join planet earth as an accident?

Is it Your Choice or Hers?

How is it that legally married couple who need and deserve a child miscarry their babies, while “accidents of birth” go full term and appear?

How is it that You allow these things to happen?

My son once asked me….”Is the devil stronger than God?”

“No, Never Ever!”, I replied quickly and emphatically.

“Why did you ask that?” I needed to know what he was thinking….

“Because God allows him to do many many bad things……so am thinking maybe he is stronger and God can’t stop him”, he replied.

I was thoughtfully amazed.

So in the light of my son’s logic……Why do You allow the devil get away with many many bad things?

Why won’t You stop him once and for all?

This is Your daughter, we will progress this conversation Lord, but am checking in now.

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