Dear God,

I didn’t pick it up at first. I guess I didn’t pay attention but now standing beside her……(she refused to seat by the way), I couldn’t miss it.

It was a very obnoxious body odor. It was actually very strong coming from her.

I backed up a bit. I didn’t want to but it was very difficult breathing easy while standing close to her.

She lowered her head.

I could feel her embarrassment and the sadness in her eyes right through all the black covering.

“Why do you need Naira?” I asked. I still didn’t get it. “Where are you going?”

She was very fidgety. Constantly scanning the environment as if she was expecting to see someone.

“Is she in trouble? Is she running from the Authorities? Is she alone?

Questions ran riot in my mind, but before I could ask any of them…..whoever it was she was expecting appeared.

“Where have you been?……you gave us quite a scare……don’t do that again”, the woman said sternly but not angrily.

Luckily she wasn’t in the ninja attire so I could assess her clearly.

She wasn’t a Nigerian. That was clear from the accent and the conduct.

Possibly in her 60s, matronly in shape and size but most importantly she had a kind face and a soft voice.

Somehow, having her with us gave me a blessed calmness.

I guessed she was also sizing me up because our eyes met and we smiled.

Oh Lord what a relieve.!

“Adara come on, let’s get you ready, we need to get to the gate. Have you used the restroom?”

My ninja nodded.

“Adara”……her name is Adara.

“Let’s do it again…..Tema will help you”, the matron said pointing to another lady coming towards us.

As the Tema reached to take her….

“Wait!, I pleaded, “please just a moment”.

I snatched up my handbag……where did I keep those Naira notes?….I had an envelope somewhere.

I handed the envelope to the ninja but she didn’t take, she just kept her eyes lowered.

“What’s that? The matron asked looking at me steadily.

I paused. Will she get into trouble if I talked?

There’s this thing about the matron…..

“Please, I need to give it to her” I said.

The matron took the envelope from me and checked it, then gave it back.

“Please?”, I pleaded looking at my Ninja.

The matron stared at me for some time. She seems to have connected seeing the currency. She selected only 1 N1000 note and gave my ninja and returned the rest to me.

To my greatest surprise, the ninja took the money, sniffed it nostalgically and hugged it close to her chest. She then bowed low for me and the matron and walked away with Tema.

If that wasn’t weird, imagine my shock when I realised that she had left behind a tiny puddle on the floor. I could only stare at it.

Was that Wee-wee? Seriously?

The matron kindly steered me away from the tiny puddle to a seat. Such a kind woman.

“She is sick right? I whispered, unable to process this event.

She shrugged and sighed…..Not sure if she should talk to me.

“Adara avoids people a lot so for her to approach you, she must have connected with you. She has a serious case of puerperal endometritis…….”

I totally stared very blankly at this woman.


My ninja is a story that broke my heart. I wept and prayed for a while for my children and every other child that trust us as parents to love and protect them.

At the end of the story I went to her, hugged her tight and prayed for her. I dont know if she believed, it didn’t matter, I believed for her. The smell that once put me off didn’t matter anymore.

You must hear what that kind matron told me Lord. I am just about started. This is Your daughter, a bit sad but still I am checking in.

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