Episode 24: 5 tips for handling rejections

Episode 24: How to handle rejections.

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn that rejection does not have to stop you from fulfilling your ambitions.
  • Learn strategies to move forward with your plans after being rejected.


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Rejection no matter how painful it can be, is almost an unavoidable aspect of life, especially for those people that aim for growth. Everyone that ever try new things will experience their own share of rejection at a point in their life. I cannot forget in a hurry my own story around rejection. I had just immigrated to the United States after leaving my prestigious job in my home country. Immediately, on getting to my new place of residence, I started applying for jobs in order to continue my career. I had submitted hundreds of applications, and I got called to attend only a couple of interviews. The first set of interviews did not go as planned. I was rejected.

Have you given up on what you want because you’ve been rejected several times? Have you lost hope about your dream turning into reality? If so, here are some tips that will help you to deal with rejections.


1. Don’t run

2. Ask why

3. Overprepare

4. Go again

5. Change perspectives.


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