39: How to Stay Passionate at Work – Part 1

Title: How to Stay Passionate at Work?

In this episode, you will:

  • Why it is important to be passionate at Work for you to be productive?
  • Learn about the 3 different categories of people at work.

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Passion is essential in everything we do. If you do not have passion for a task, it will be hard to perform well in such a task.

Based on my observation, people in the pursuit of their daily endeavor can be broadly classified into three main groups:

  1. Passion Pursuer:These are the people that pursue their passion. They only do what they love. These people are able to connect their passion with a clear sense of purpose in their job. As a result, they are able to contribute their best; they enjoy the challenges and the sometimes disappointment that they may confront at work.
  1. Passion Snub:These are people that are unable to find passion in what they do, but they continue to do it because they need to make ends meet.
  1. Passion Builder:Yes, initially, these people may not have passion for what they do, but they understand that to do a good job, they need to connect passion and find ways of enjoying their job.



Which category do you belong?


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